'SURYAKANTHI Ayurveda Beauty Care' is the pure Ayurveda in-housebeauty specialty clinic of Ayurjeevan Ayurveda. This beauty center redefines the beauty concepts as 'Beauty Beyond Face' where we aim to bring back your physical and mental well being, it is an opportunity to consult and discuss not only your facial hair or hair problem but to focus on overall health including advice on good and healthy food and lifestyle and ayurvedic home remedies that can be practiced by our clients even at home

At suryakanthi we focus on the three aspects of beauty

Roopam or outer beauty

which focuses on our skin hair and nails They are more than simple measures of beauty , they are a reflection of our health

Gunam or inner beauty

A happy positive person brings out the inner beauty of a person which has an effect on the outer beauty of person, The inner harmony of a person reflects and has an effect on the roopam of a person

Slowing the aging process

The third concept of beauty Is the focus on the maintenance of youthfulness yuvavasthaie Slowing down the aging process ) with the use of various ayurvedic herbs and treatments that have been proven part of Ayurveda

This centre is handled by experienced Ayurveda beauty specialty trained doctors and beauty therapists