AYURJEEVAN AYURVEDA RETREAT, a specially designed Ayurveda center in an eco friendly Edayilekkad island in the Valiyaparamba back waters, an upcoming tourism spots in north Malabar is realised. This center is one of the initiatives of a traditional reputed Ayurveda family with more than 75-years of traditions in the field of Ayurveda treatment, hospital and manufacturing of medicines. To meet the present need of the society, maximum eco friendly construction and surroundings were provided. You can leave your life style born diseases here and can acquire the perfect mental ambiance.

Our Founder

KV Ambu Vaidyar (1911-1983) started the Dhanvantri Sadhanam Vaidya shala at Trikaripur in 1933 an Ayurveda medicine shop for dispensing home made ayurvedic medicines. His father and brothers were also involved in the traditional treatment especially of Paediatric ailments and infertility using their own specially prepared medicines.Ambu Vaidyar was a renowned THEYYAM (a traditional and ritualistic art form of North Malabar) artist .He was also a performer of KALAMPATTU. This ceremony was once commonly performed in houses where women had a delay in conceiving.After the performance of KALAMPATTU the lady was provided a medicated ghee prepared on the spot .He is survived by his three children who today are striving to keep their fathers vision alive and ensuring the benefits of those traditional secrets reach all those who come to them from around the world ....


To deliver the best patient care with passion and empathy also providing a pleasant environment where safe and effective delivery of Ayurvedic services possessing own quality medicines takes place.


To be a caring, trusted and pleasant Ayurvedic Hospital for patients and staffs, renowned for quality of medicines and treatment

MD's Message

Ayurjeevan Ayurveda started with a mission to improve healthcare services more patient friendly and enrich effectiveness with innovative research and development.